Ash Class

Teachers: Mrs Manzi

LSA / SEN: Mrs Edson

Ash Class

Ash Class is where the youngest children begin their time with us. The children in this class are Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Mrs Manzi, the class teacher, is supported by  many very experienced voluntary helpers. In Ash Class there is a mixture of play based learning and more formal teacher lead learning. A particular favourite of the week is the Welly Walk where the children go off site around the village and local area learning about their surroundings. Children in Ash class have phonics daily to support them learning to read and write effectively. Many of the children will say that their favourite part of the week is creative dance, a favourite of Mrs Manzi’s.

Links for parents:

 Year 1 Learning Wall Writing          Maths is Everywhere

Year 1 Learning Wall Maths             Making their Mark

Year 2 Learning Wall Writing           The Road to Reading

Year 2 Learning Wall Maths

Mrs Manzi presentation to Parents about the Foundation Stage

Jolly phonics actions

Handwriting alphabet

Phonics sound mat phase 2

Parents Guide to early phonics

Ash Class News

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