Maths Overview

MathsMathematics in the curriculum

In our school we aim to encourage an enjoyment and an enthusiasm for mathematics, enabling our children to work confidently with different concepts within a wide range of real life situations. We are pragmatic in our approach to the teaching of mathematics and are continually reviewing our practices with the aim of providing the best and most effective curriculum possible for the children in our school.

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Basic skills

We aim to equip our children with basic numerical concepts from their Foundation year and throughout Key stage 1. Here secure knowledge and recall of number bonds are the building blocks from which children then learn their times tables in Key stage 2. Children are encouraged to practise and carry out mental maths activities every day to secure their number confidence.

MathsMaths in Context

As a school we believe children need to be able to use the mathematical knowledge they have gained in ‘real life contexts’. In each class the children have daily opportunities to apply previously learnt concepts in real situations. In Key stage 1 these may as an example take the form of a shop or a travel agency. In key stage 2, Maths is closely linked with other subjects, examples have been the story of ‘Beowulf’ and WWI. We firmly believe in giving our children as many mathematical opportunities as possible and hope to foster a confidence and a love of the subject for later life.

Mathematics and ICT

We aim to equip our children for life-encouraging them to be able to use ICT resources to enhance and help facilitate a more effective curriculum. We use the learning resource’ Mymaths’ to set individual class tasks and homework throughout the school. This also encourages more personalised learning where every child is met at their point of need.

Home Learning

As a school we aim to foster strong home-school links and the home learning set directly reinforces what the children have been learning at school. We use home learning to improve basic skills and encourage children to work as independently as possible. Mathletics gives the KS2 children opportunities to practice things they have done in class as part of their homework or as extra learning. We are always happy to go over any misconceptions in class and each parent has a copy of our calculation policy to help with the reinforcement of working methods.

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